Posted 2 months ago
Reflection, it is important. 💕😘 . I got an email from @himherinc today. I needed this wake up call! They have been checking in on us, offering support and just being darn good neighbours and friends. They reminded us to keep being active on social media, let people know what we are doing and to keep our connections strong. . Everyone is going through something right now, and everyone deals with stress and uncertainty differently. . Today I got on here to thank our amazing community for the support now and always. You guys make what we do fun and love it. . My gosh, we miss your emails, calls and visits. We miss Laurentian lunches and happy hour beers. We are sad and grieving for our brides and grooms & event organizers who had to uproot their plans. We are HERE for you! . Thanks for checking in on us, we are doing the best we can and we are here to support you all, in any way we can! . Grateful for this community and our amazing and understanding team. . We can’t wait to be back, Love xo, Trella & Steph
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